Soulful Femme

“We both, as women, have faced adversity and prejudice in the industry. Often women are exploited, and we both have had to deal with that. Our writing and performance stylistically are extremely powerful and that is uncommon. Our goal is to reach as many people as we can with our music in hopes of making… Read More Soulful Femme

Love And Pimp Hop

On June 20th, Sheldon Davis, aka rapper Natalac, released his 12th album, Love & Pimp-Hop. This album was scheduled for a 2021 Valentine’s Day release after Natalac’s mom’s cancer condition improved. It was a year-long battle with cancer, but her condition finally improved in February. Natalac and his dad thought they could take a rest, but… Read More Love And Pimp Hop

“Unceasing Love Divine”

Welcome to the mood-rich ambient music of indie artist, multi-instrumentalist Marako Marcus.  His latest instrumental release “Unceasing Love Divine” showers us with the hushed mellow rhythm of an acoustic guitar, intertwined with uplifting melodic guitar fills, and atmospheric layering of strings and piano. The gentle softness of this song seems to pull listeners into a… Read More “Unceasing Love Divine”

DJ X TECH’s 1’s And 2’s Underground EP. 10

Episode 10 is not up and running with great new indie music. Full Artist and song roster on the video: The best in indie and underground music. Submit your music at or This shows artists and, song roster: Artist – Song – Link 1. Sylas Dean – Two Of Us – 2.… Read More DJ X TECH’s 1’s And 2’s Underground EP. 10

Event Horizon

Had an interview with these fellas to find out a bit more about them. Check it out. Hey, very happy to welcome you to the Radio Show and Podcast community. Tell us a littlebit more about yourself. Introduce yourself to the community. Hi, thanks for reaching us ! We’re glad to be here. So, we… Read More Event Horizon