The Country Stylings Of Ashley Puckett

Ashley Puckett was born and raised in North Huntingdon, just east of Pittsburgh,   Pennsylvania.  Ashley realized her passion for music at a young age, performing at vocal competitions and community events, and eventually, landing at open-mic nights and shows in bars and clubs, doing anything to keep the music and her passion alive.  Her… Read More The Country Stylings Of Ashley Puckett

“Unceasing Love Divine”

Welcome to the mood-rich ambient music of indie artist, multi-instrumentalist Marako Marcus.  His latest instrumental release “Unceasing Love Divine” showers us with the hushed mellow rhythm of an acoustic guitar, intertwined with uplifting melodic guitar fills, and atmospheric layering of strings and piano. The gentle softness of this song seems to pull listeners into a… Read More “Unceasing Love Divine”

DJ X TECH’s 1’s And 2’s Underground EP. 10

Episode 10 is not up and running with great new indie music. Full Artist and song roster on the video: The best in indie and underground music. Submit your music at or This shows artists and, song roster: Artist – Song – Link 1. Sylas Dean – Two Of Us – 2.… Read More DJ X TECH’s 1’s And 2’s Underground EP. 10

Never Quite So Innocent

Cole Soileau is celebrating the success of his newest single, (released 06/17/21) called “Set It Off”. That was a promotional track for his up-coming EP “Never Quite So Innocent”. Available 06/24/21 you can Pre-save the up-coming EP HERE Celebrating this release, there is a party at Club Pink in, Monroe, Louisiana. Party gets underway at 9pm… Read More Never Quite So Innocent

Where Is Leroy?

This artist encapsulates exactly why I love indie music. The freshness, the individuality… The catchiness in general. Where Is Leroy? – is celebrating his newest release called “Pavements”. Previously, a featured artist on Mike Erlington’s “Don’t Give Me a Dime” – Showing off his lyrical talents there. I have literally had “Pavements” on repeat for… Read More Where Is Leroy?

Plastic Fangs. Covered In Real Blood.

Opening lyrics for the song “Holyghost” by: The Very Reverend. Hard hitting, very hooky song. Reminiscent to me of some old-school NIN, this song aims to please your eardrums. You can’t help but be dragged in from the very first hit. THIS IS A SONG FOR IMPERFECT CREATURES. Alt artist The Very Reverend releases new… Read More Plastic Fangs. Covered In Real Blood.