Sunday Sep 25, 2022

Music Submissions


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We accept music submissions from all genres of music from all artists. We believe that everyone has a right to be heard and everyone needs a fair shot as well. The mainstream music industry has made it extremely difficult to get your music out there and, that’s where we come in. We are no nonsense and, we believe in organic growth. While others may promise to get your music in front of hundreds of thousands and sometimes even millions of people… Let’s face facts, they can’t deliver on that promise and, I’m sure as a musician you’ve already spent some amount of money trying to do so with no results.

What we promise is that we will do our show and get your music into the ears of our subscribers. We have grown organically over the last few months and last month we hit YouTube’s algorithm and have seen our numbers increase. We accept submissions for “The Underground Sound – Review Show” as well as the “1’s and 2’s Underground” In addition to those we have just started our “Presents” feature as well as our “Video Ga-Ga” feature where we review and talk about music videos so, if you have a music video out, don’t hesitate to submit that.

In the past, We used to require MP3 files but we’ve worked everything out to where submitting links to where we can find your music is OK. We’ll take it from there as far as the music side of things goes. Submission types are below and instructions will follow for the submission type chosen.

$10 one (1) song submission

$15 one (1) song with blog interview

$25 three (3) song with blog interview

Please don’t forget to visit our YouTube Channel and Subscribe to the email list so we can keep you updated with the news on what’s to come. I am currently working on putting together a cover promotion where you’ll be able to win a new computer and music equipment!!

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