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There are various types of music submissions that range in price depending on the level of exposure you’re seeking. In addition to submissions, we also provide a host of advertising opportunities to maximize your exposure. We have a dedicated advertising budget to make sure that your music gets heard worldwide. We started off as just an idea for a podcast but that idea quickly blossomed into something different. What started off as humble beginnings are making way for a really bright future with partnerships growing daily. If you’re looking for publicity services rather than just submissions, you may contact DJ X TECH at to start with a personalized publicity setup for you. While most of our listeners are from the United States, we have reach worldwide and you can check out our listener impact map below. We wish you the best of luck in your music endeavor whether you decide to work with us or not.

Impact Map current as of 11/02/2021

Music Submission to the Radio Station.

The radio station has a dedicated advertising budget assigned to it and reaches listeners from around the world. If you wish to submit your music for placement in the radio rotation, the cost is $15 and you can complete your order and download instructions HERE. You can submit up to 3 songs with this method. Your music will stay on rotation indefinitely. Songs are added on a first come, first served basis and are removed in the same manor. We value your freedom of speech and explicit language is ok. However, any direct hate will not be tolerated. Your song(s) will be screened before they are added to rotation and we reserve the right to refuse your music for rotation placement without refund. If this needs clarification, any questions on this matter should be directed to DJ X TECH at his email at —

Music Submission With Magazine Interview.

This is the same option as the one mentioned above but, will include an interview to be posted in no less than 2 online magazines / blogs. The cost for this option is $25 and the purchase can be completed HERE. If you should have any questions on this option please contact DJ X TECH at —

Written Review By Industry Pro & Publishing.

This will be the same option as the one mentioned above but, will include an in depth review by an industry professional of your music. This review will be published on at least 2 online magazines along with the previously mentioned interview. $45 and you can CLICK HERE to get going on this promotion. Direct questions to —

Become a Show Sponsor.

This option includes all of the above mentioned promotions but, gets your links listed in the show sponsor section of the podcast and YouTube show that stays up permanently. Each show has a dedicated advertising budget associated with it to reach the highest possible audience. Cost is $65 for this option. CLICK HERE to continue to check-out for this promotion. Direct questions to —

Uber / Lyft Advertising.

Through our connections, we have a driver that works for Uber and Lyft and uses DVD players to promote musicians and their music. The 2 options available for this are a static pic with background clip lasting 30 seconds with custom generated QR code to the website of your choice or, a full music video with the QR code attached to it as well so people can scan with their phones and find you immediately. We will create the static graphic for you. Example is below. Static 30 sec cost is $35 and full music video cost is $65 and will be held for no less than one month as space is needed for new advertisers. We will contact you to see if you want to renew when your time is up. CLICK HERE for the static promo or CLICK HERE for the music video promo. Questions should be directed to — Video proof will be sent to you.

Static Picture Example

For sidebar, publicity and other advertising options… You guessed it. Contact DJ X TECH at — We look forward to helping you make your music a success!

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