DJ X TECH’s 1’s and 2’s Underground Podcast

DJ X TECH brings you the best in indie music on his weekly podcast.

Episode 10 but, The first edition of the show on YouTube is up now.

Committed to bringing the underground to the masses. Underground music is so awesome. Everything is always so fresh and new. There are bands out there that deserve to be heard that don’t get the recognition they deserve. Radio has completely commercialized what we listen to and, we are force fed the same stuff over and over again because someone tells us it’s popular. Listen to the show and hear the greatest music you haven’t heard yet.

The underground show is open to all submissions – Whether you’re hard rock, Rap, Country, Hip Hop, Pop… I want to hear you and, guess what… So does the rest of the world. Check out the show impact map below to see where the podcast is downloaded. I get submissions from all over the world literally.

One Month Period – 765 unique listeners per week.

The show is only growing and I am moving it now onto YouTube. I recently just started off my video interview series which you can check out there as well. I really want to add the visual to the audio and share in the artists experiences throughout their lives.

Get your music in today and let’s start telling the world about you.

The show is available on all major Podcast directories.

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