Thursday Sep 29, 2022

Free Submissions

As stated on the front page. Please get all these items together…

up to 3 (three) MP3 files of your songs in at least 128kb quality. A radio edit is not needed. We respect freedom of speech. Wav is ok as well but we will convert to MP3 for space.
At least 2 (two) but up to 5 (five) promotional photographs. Album art is OK.
ALL!!! And, I can not stress this enough… ALL!!!! of your social media links that you have. You want people to be able to find you, right?
A bio on yourself and your music is preferable. If you cannot think of a bio for yourself, please download an interview with the link below.

Once you have all these items together, please email them to:

Download the interview doc below. If you have trouble opening the file, refer to google to find an opener for the file extension.

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