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Newest Single and Album Releases From Indie Artists.

Voix Métalliques – EPK

Voix Métalliques builds on previous danceand melodic techno releases but goesmuch darker with ‘Not Now’ not soundingout of place in Berlin’s Berghain. VoixMétalliques wraps weird voices throughout the tracks, anchoring the EP name and track sound design consistency. The ‘Four Eyes’ opener is a high energy track with […]

This Is My Happy Face

“This Is My Happy Face” is available for download/stream on September 17th, 2021. “It’s hard to say anything about this album because I’m so incredibly proud of it and also so unescapably biased. All I can say is that it sounds exactly the way I wanted it to […]

Introducing, Protomorphic

What does Protomorphic even mean? To be Primitive in structure or form. Think of our ancestors, our roots. Simple times, and simple pleasures. I’ve been in Recovery from Heroin going on Twelve years. The stigma behind Mental Health/Addiction is what drives me to be outspoken. I feel for […]

Finn Matthews – Beautiful Stranger

Finn says, ““The song is about the feeling of freedom that comes when you don’t attach yourself to the things around you, allowing yourself to experience people and things without feeling threatened by the idea of not having it forever. things in your life are always going to […]

Curt Chambers drops a surprise EP

Curt Chambers is an American singer, songwriter, producer and recording artist who has gained notoriety for his unique fusion of rock, soul, country and hip-hop. The Philadelphia native’s gifts as a musician were cultivated both at home and in church, where he was raised to appreciate multiple musical […]