Jangling Sparrows

Smooth, natural sounds accompanied by harmonized vocals will have you in a trance. Had a nice little Q & A With Jangling Sparrows Hey, very happy to welcome you to the Radio Show and Podcast community. Tell us a little bit more about yourself. Introduce yourself to the […]

Worship The Sacrifice

This U.K. Based Death Metal Band Consists of: Lazerus (Vocals), Steve Sharp (Lead Guitar), Dan Evans (Rhythm Guitar) and, Ban Black (Bass). A four-piece Death Metal band from the U.K. Their sole aim? To inspire, be inspired and to bring great metal music to the world!Their years of […]

Where Is Leroy?

This artist encapsulates exactly why I love indie music. The freshness, the individuality… The catchiness in general. Where Is Leroy? – is celebrating his newest release called “Pavements”. Previously, a featured artist on Mike Erlington’s “Don’t Give Me a Dime” – Showing off his lyrical talents there. I […]

Plastic Fangs. Covered In Real Blood.

Opening lyrics for the song “Holyghost” by: The Very Reverend. Hard hitting, very hooky song. Reminiscent to me of some old-school NIN, this song aims to please your eardrums. You can’t help but be dragged in from the very first hit. THIS IS A SONG FOR IMPERFECT CREATURES. […]

Spotting A Bogus Record Deal

Recently a few people have contacted me with concerns about a record contract that a “Record Label” offered up to them. They were all completely bogus and, I’m going to help you spot fakes. This is the easiest one to check for. Get to the end of the […]


Super5Stoned is no stranger to the music business. Having already signed a record contract in the past, he is familiar with the ins-and-outs of the biz itself. His deal turned South and Super5Stoned reinvented his style completely. I asked him in a written interview we had what, his […]

Who is carlos fandango?

Simply put, Carlos (Carl Fellows) is an established musician with roughly 3 decades worth of experience. Carlos is based in the U.K. and, With as many years of experience in the music industry, you can only imagine how large his music library is. Carlos has many influences in […]


Singer and musician, Leetham comes at you with rich melodies. Utilizing electronic synths and mesmerizing drum patterns, Leetham is sure to please. I had a back and forth Q&A with Leetham, Here’s some of the things we talked about. Hey, very happy to welcome you to the Radio […]