Thursday Sep 29, 2022

Bronze and Steel


Bronze & Steel is a music project by Edoardo Lupo (Vocals) and Antonio Battistella (Guitar) born in Padua (Italy) in 2018. The band started as an acoustic duo playing mainly covers of songs they loved but very soon started to experiment and compose original music with personal and unusual sounds. The name is a reference to their origins, Bronze and Steel are in fact the elements that make up the strings of acoustic guitars.

During the year 2021 the band published its debut EP “Like Art/Golden Ring” and has been involved as producers, session musicians and engineers in various musical projects from artists of their area. Their latest effort is the Album/EP “The Star, The Moon, The Sun, The Earth” published on December 10th 2021, a compilation of five songs inspired by the lyrics of five famous English poems.

Edoardo Lupo

Voice /Guitar /Programming

He fell in love with music at an early age, he studied singing and guitar with the masters Andrea Colloredo and Giorgio Rovati. He is now studying piano with the masters Sergio Pietruschi and Nicola Lombardi.

Loves progressive rock and classic rock.

Antonio Battistella

Guitar / Bass / Programming

He started playing guitar from a very early age and took part in many bands from the local music scene.
He loves progressive rock and progressive metal and all things related to nerdy music theory and production techniques.

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