Sarantos “I’m a Bit**

Sarantos continues to release music at a legendary speed- vowing to release one new single every month for the rest of his life! July 2022 is no exception. His 80s inspired release for the month is “I’m a Bit**.” Check it out on the next episode of the 1’s and 2’s on our YouTube channel.

Lana Roche

Female, queer, and tomato juice obsessed artist-producer – Lana Roche, is a cocktailof Radiohead and Tash Sultana. Lana creates an Indie Alternative sound, using a recipe of acrunchy guitars, merged with outlandish drum patterns and experimental soundscapes.Based in London, Lana draws influence from a multicultural background she carries with herfrom childhood. Inspired by her mother’s… Read More Lana Roche

DeLaurentis Set To Perform At Bastille Day Festival

DeLaurentis, the new leading French electronic music artist, announces her Bastille Day concert at Bastille Day Festival in New York, along with several upcoming releases. Following the success of her album release UNICA last September, the electro-cinematic artist and composer DeLaurentis hasn’t stopped performing and creating. After performing all over France in 2021, at various… Read More DeLaurentis Set To Perform At Bastille Day Festival