Underground Sound EP. 06 Full Roster

Hey All. Episode 6 of the Underground Sound is now up on YouTube. Here is the full artist roster including their songs and links.

Thanks to everyone for making all the music that you do and to all the fans out there as well for keeping this show alive!

Episode 6 – 07/15/2022

Welcome to The Underground Sound Episode 06 recorded on July 15th, 2022. We want to thank all of the awesome indie musicians that are pumping out all of this great music. Some relevant early show links:

Way Too Sexy Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX9ms…

Rockstar Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shrCw…

Full roster for this show = Artist / Song / Link

1. Meet Me at the Bus Stop / Lost / https://slaps.com/track/LHHThllR

2. Jota Sotodiaz ft. Lela Ruby / Fire / https://slaps.com/track/k56Mp0vC

3. Miribilist / Fresh / https://slaps.com/miribilist

4. Project Omnisphere / Raindrop / https://slaps.com/track/rv05p9pC

5. Adim&Soyadim / Cuzdani Kaybediyoruz / https://slaps.com/track/DETWjjLY

6. Armando Gonzalez / Una Carta de Amor / https://slaps.com/track/EFZnWD1s

7. Seesaw Seagull / Everybody Wants Some / https://slaps.com/track/IsDv61f0

8. Angelus Uxorem / Sunburst at the Lake / https://slaps.com/ruthdonna

9. Tim Churchill / Mind Your P’s and Q’s / https://slaps.com/track/V8bOXSOG

10. Stefano May / We Are the Power / https://slaps.com/track/rZvLF9bg

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