Lana Roche

Female, queer, and tomato juice obsessed artist-producer – Lana Roche, is a cocktail
of Radiohead and Tash Sultana. Lana creates an Indie Alternative sound, using a recipe of a
crunchy guitars, merged with outlandish drum patterns and experimental soundscapes.
Based in London, Lana draws influence from a multicultural background she carries with her
from childhood. Inspired by her mother’s French poetic finesse and her father’s obsession
for Rock, she transcribes these multicultural influences onto her music. Without having a
proper feeling of home whilst moving around at a young age, the biggest question to her
was – “who am I?” She eventually found comfort in musical expression: a guitar and her
voice were timeless recurrences she could count on. Now home isn’t so much a place, but
the search for a state of inner peace. Thanks to this, Lana was able to face and accept the
hardship from school whilst coming to terms with her sexual orientation and dealing with
her mental health. Now Lana makes her sexuality and her experiences part of her identity,
and embraces her background to make her sound. She creates for others to find comfort
and relatability in her music the same way she did. 

Lana Roche’s newest single “Inner craze” combines Radiohead’s experimental sound
with that of Spanish guitars, and hints of The Idles grungy chaos. This new song tells the
story of anxiety’s takeover of someone’s life, describing what it’s like to face the toughest
consequence: being robbed of your confidence and your true self. Lana has unique tonal
qualities in her voice bearing depth and emotional expression. With help from bassist and
sound engineer Kieran La Bram, and mixing engineer Dave Holmes, the instrumentation
matches the mood with fascinating dissonant tones and chaotic-like instruments. The
visuals were created with emotional direction by Guy Gooch, visual collaborator of Florence
Pugh. Currently, Lana is recording an EP to accompany her single release “Inner craze”. It
focuses on the subject of internal struggles and will be released by the end of 2023.   
Lana Roche has worked with artist Roman Lewis, studio Lightship 95, Matt Greeves,
and smaller upcoming artists, as well as produced music for independent films. Currently
still studying, Lana has performed and produced for small shows in New York and
collaborated with Gibson.

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