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Soundspider is a new and emerging artist on the Electronic music scene. You really wouldn’t be able to tell that he is pretty new to the game listening to his music though. Hard hitting bass drums and mesmerizing melodies is what you can expect in his music. We did an interview with SoundSpider and… We got to know him a little better.

Thanks for sitting down with us. Tell everyone a little bit about yourself.

Thank you for having me. My Artist name is Soundspider. I live in the Washington D.C area of the US. I have never started making my music career public until recently. I choose the name Soundspider as a reflection of different things about me. There are a couple reasons, both for fun and for emotional and psychological meaning as well. I have the ability to reach over two octaves on a keyboard with a single hand. It can look like a spider is crawling over the notes. More octaves can mean more style and creativity to the music. It is cool to feel like I rift or vibe across the keyboard and picture that image in my head. Ironically, spiders are not for everyone, of course. I however like that psychologically, spiders can elicit a lot of fight or flight responses from people with all sorts of emotions like curiosity, fear, amazement, hesitation toward them. I wanted to start making music that brought people on those journeys and never feeling settled with one set of emotions the entire time my songs play. Both in a positive and thought provoking way.

One thing that I like to know about musicians is… When did you have that defining moment in life that you knew that music is what you wanted as your life?

When my dad lost his battle to cancer over around 2 years ago. The connection between us grew as I grew older tampering and improving musical softwares and my keyboard. My main line of work became professional tennis and psychology, but when it came to my dad and my relationship, music seemed to bond us together. After he passed away, I have been battle with my mental health in my normal career and personal life. I kinda stop touching music for over a year due to that reason of struggle with this loss. After seeking help for my recovery journey. I managed to have a defining moment and start to use my music to express legacy and empowerment through lyrics and music. It was important to me and is now very important to me to spread music that brings uplifting music in confusing times. Staying motivated to build music for my father is a everyday defining moment that is still piecing itself together and making changes in my life everyday. I want to use that to create defining moments in other people’s lives.

What motivates you, not just in music but, your daily life as well?

Mentorship and learning are my biggest passions outside of music that help me to stay driving with different aspects of myself and my music. I know I am still very new to a lot of things. But I know how to connect with people and ask for help when I haven’t found mastery in what I want to achieve on my own. I think this ties into my music because motivation can be an art too. It’s yours to design, but you still need inspiration from others and there is always someone who can help along the way.

When you start a new song… Where do you draw inspiration from? What does your creative process look like?

I take my inspiration from my ADHD thought process. A lot of random ideas or information I process come from simple conversations that aren’t related to making music. I am always about connection and I people watch sometimes and see their demeanor or style of conversation through socializing and I pick up on subtle changes that inspire me to make music on how someone is feeling. In addition, I sometimes catch a phrase or sentence someone might say and I think to myself “Could I use that musically or lyrically”. Again, the conversations don’t have a specific formula, but I know I try to process an opportunity when it sneaks into the everyday things I do.

Keeping in mind that everyone obviously wants to be themselves… If you could swap yourself with another musician, who (alive or dead) would it be?

Meduza is my favorite Edm artist. Meduza works with a lot of artist and the lyrics have deep meaning and are simple enough to understand for a lot of situations. The songs have a deep bass and vibes that I think everyone can relate to in some way. Never seems to stop growing in musical talents either. That inspires me to go and do the same!

Have you ever performed live? If so, do you prefer performing live or studio life?

I have performed at my work company events before, performed in front of my friends, I have DJ gig in DC at sports bar for more commercial music (80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s). I manage to sneak in a few songs of my own in there to have the crowd of people hear them from time to time.

Personally, I think that there is too much social media out there to keep up with. I understand why it’s necessary but, in my opinion. What are your feelings on social media and trying to circumnavigate through all of it?

I am new to the social media scene in both a promotional way and a consistent way. As I said before I have ADHD, my attention span with social media can be hard to control my objectives with there is a lot of attention grabbing ability. I could start promoting then click on one video or meme or funny thing, and next thing I know I wasted an hour scrolling. Worst part of social media in my opinion but I am always learning better ways to manage it.

How do you find that you deal with the inevitable writers block that comes with music production?

I do my current profession: coaching tennis professionally. I am currently a Tennis Director in the DMV area and working in this field for over 12 years lets me completely turn off my music hat and that is where I recover my thoughts to write. Remember, people are my inspiration, and when I see different people, I can mange better ideas.

Do you mix and master yourself or do you work with an engineer / producer?

I actually have worked with many ghost producers and friends who have graduated with musical degrees. I keep that world private as that is their wish but I think that is where my joy of learning music better is coming from. I will work toward an official team when I have more of a following and more of a finical base to help me with that journey.

Do you prefer to be underground or is the mainstream something that you strive for?

I want to be both, however my objective is to become mainstream as a DJ and to personality engage and connect with fans and people on stage and perform life.

Who, Musically, are some of your bigger influences?

Rhyatt, Meduza, John Legend, Acivii, Dead Mua5, Lukas Graham, Rezz, Clean Bandit, Chance the rapper, and my father to name a few.

How long have you been making music and what do you like and dislike about your specific genre?

I have been playing music in and out my entire life. My father gave me protools and FL Studios a couple times during the holidays and my birthday. It was until after he passed did I really start investing into those software in a more professional way. I have been messing with DJ equipment since 2019 right before the worldwide health pandemic was about to globally.

Do you have a specific song that, when you hear it, just inspires you every time?

I am happy to say a few songs do. Two songs I both hit and they are for personal reasons. I don’t care if I get judged for this by people, but in the movie Coco, written as a Pixar film , the song remember me is very special. It is about trying to spread your memories and not forget people. A lot of that song inspired me to make an album called “Never Forgotten” Whether it’s your image, for a loved one, or to not change who you are, never forget who you are or where you came from.

In addition, Clean bandit wrote a song that I think inspired me to make music for the reasons I do today. “Symphony” spoke to me because of the music video and the passion the artist had with making music for a loved one and It changed my passion for why I made my music and how much more impact that has come from that is simply unexplainable.

You’re bound to run into some haters these days, the world overall, sometimes feels to be negative. How do you keep your frame of mind and remain positive?

I understand that people have their opinion, but I believe the good outweighs the bad in my support and my real fans and followers. Also I don’t need their permission to feel any kinda way, people hate to find joy or validation in their own way unfortunately. It is what it is. I see they don’t help me pay my bills and so I don’t think I need their input in my head.

I want to thank you for chatting with us. Is there anything you would like to add personally? Shout-outs?

Let your music and anything you do in life continue to inspire you and others. Pay it forward and continue to grow into the different things you live with your music taste and conversations. Thank you for having me and can’t wait to do it again!

A very special thank you to Soundspider for chatting with us. Like other musicians, he has a great story to tell and great music to be heard. Please check out soundspider on his following links! Spread The Love Around!

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