Underground Sound EP. 02 – Full Artist Roster.

Yesterday we recorded episode 2 of The Underground Sound. If you are unfamiliar with the show then Carlos Fandango, Rookie Rogers and I review indie music on Slaps.com

The full episode is posted below and the full artist roster with links are posted just below that. We want to thank all of the fans of the show as well as the musicians for creating such awesome music for us to review.

Show Roster: Artist – Song – Link

1. SoundSpider – Overload – https://slaps.com/track/amCL8Nim

2. William Peter Lee – In A Blink Of An Eye – https://slaps.com/track/lSUE0ERG

3. Junior Pavilion – Dicey – https://slaps.com/track/tzY0WKoe

4. Bronze And Steel – Like Art – https://slaps.com/track/rO3h2Hvs

5. Nataly – La Parenthèse Enchantée – https://slaps.com/track/lE8veLMr

6. The East Stand – Red Cup Plastic Party Of Doom – https://slaps.com/track/EpScHhw5

7. Matthew McLaughlin – Let’s Dance On Our Bed – https://slaps.com/track/j15BHiJ3

8. Barrikade – When I Saw Her Face – https://slaps.com/track/vDVlEHta

9. Suni – Prada – https://slaps.com/track/1gQW9WGn

10. Wayward Waves – Desert Relics – https://slaps.com/track/LeDHmDTF

11. Vangelis – Chariots Of Fire – https://youtu.be/8a-HfNE3EIo Article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/vangelis-the-greek-chariots-of-fire-composer-dies-at-79/2022/05/19/38e75ba6-d795-11ec-be17-286164974c54_story.html

12. SmartMunkee – Going Somewhere? – https://slaps.com/track/BsYFcMRG

13. Alexander Kislitsyn – MeineLiebe – https://slaps.com/track/nRUAb5vl

14. Mahyar Enbir – Madness – https://slaps.com/track/StNmiyMe

15. Muse – Madness – https://youtu.be/Ek0SgwWmF9w

Thank you to all the indie artists that make this show possible. Please visit these musicians and show them some love. They deserve it for pumping out such great music. Thank you to all of our viewers and subs!!! Without you this would not be a show either. #indie #music #indierock #indiehiphop #indiepop #indierap #newmusic

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