AXS – Cosmic Quiver

Ananda Xenia Shakti & Love Power The Band’s new transformational single “Cosmic Quiver” has been released Friday, May 13. “Cosmic Quiver” is a song that draws upon the deep and mysterious energies of the universe celebrating the Wisdom Eye of Creation. Through music, Ananda aims to help us all open our own divine vision. Listeners will delight in the song’s exuberant energy and the artist’s uplifting performance.

Ananda’s journey began in the punk music scene where she became the lead singer in an all girl band that put her on the road with bands like the Clash and Blondie. But that road came to end as Ananda Xenia Shakti chose another path that opened it’s doors through the teachings of yoga. Since then, Ananda has never looked back and her previous 5-song EP, “Love Is Where You Are” was met with open arms by a world ready for love and change.

As a founding member of the B-Girls, Ananda (known then as Xenia Holliday) played guitar and sang in one of the original girl-punk groups of the late ’70s. As their popularity grew, the band relocated from Toronto to NYC, where they played the hotspots and toured numerous times with The Clash. Signed to Bomp! Records, the band sang back-up on Blondie’s smash album “AutoAmerican” as well as Stiv Bators’ solo album.

Ananda’s spiritual awakening came while living in NYC. She made a huge life decision and left the B-Girls to pursue yoga and the spiritual principals of life, with a firm inner commitment to merge modern music and ancient life teachings. For more information, please visit

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