This Is My Happy Face

“This Is My Happy Face” is available for download/stream on September 17th, 2021.

“It’s hard to say anything about this album because I’m so incredibly proud of it and also so unescapably biased. All I can say is that it sounds exactly the way I wanted it to sound and that Michael Stover (executive producer) and Janne Saksa (co-producer) worked very hard with me on it. Without these two, this album would not have happened.”

“Inspired by a documentary on psychic mediums, this album is about those few final seconds people, according to many accounts, experience before death, the moment their whole life flashes before their eyes. The album starts with the suicide of the protagonist and ends in the Garden of Judas, in the close proximity to the gates of Hell. In between, are a few selected flashing events from his life.” – Tom Tikka

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