Introducing, Protomorphic

What does Protomorphic even mean? To be Primitive in structure or form. Think of our ancestors, our roots. Simple times, and simple pleasures. I’ve been in Recovery from Heroin going on Twelve years. The stigma behind Mental Health/Addiction is what drives me to be outspoken. I feel for the Human Condition. During my journey, the first 6 years I felt a little…out of my own body. I couldn’t find An outlet. A healthy “high.” I had always had a love for spoken word, and reading to others.

I started freestyling one day. I wasn’t good at it. But I loved it. It was on and poppin’ From there. When you speak your mind, and live in your truth, you’ll notice less people around you. The past six years, I have dedicated my time, energy, and effort in to developing My craft, some sort of skill. As well as living independently. I’m ready to drop bars at any point in time. I think in parables. Words can paint us pretty little images, can’t they? They can also be used to destroy.

I am an abstract freestyle MC and my main goal? Bring people together. Despite our Differences. We are a lot more alike than you’d believe. I simply let go, leave space to be a channel, and flow. There is no such thing as original thought. But as far as style, this form is a rarity. One Love. P.S. On the physical plane, I hail from a small town in Massachusetts. Yes, I have a wicked pissah Bostonian accent. Depends on how excited I am, It’ll pop in and out of my music. I hope you enjoy!

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