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“Unceasing Love Divine”

Welcome to the mood-rich ambient music of indie artist, multi-instrumentalist Marako Marcus. 

His latest instrumental release “Unceasing Love Divine” showers us with the hushed mellow rhythm of an acoustic guitar, intertwined with uplifting melodic guitar fills, and atmospheric layering of strings and piano.

The gentle softness of this song seems to pull listeners into a romantic love journey. This dreamy track starts off with the feel of someone reaching their hand out, beckoning you to hold it, and as you do draw in, the intensity increases with  heartfelt emotions. By the time the story reaches the end, there is the deliberate flourish of guitar notes pacing up the fretboard. 

The song, and it’s story, makes you want to rise up and dance with your loved one, in a musical encounter that is simply brimming with hope and joy!

Marako Marcus’ dreamscaped music helps remind everyone to withdraw from our busy distractions of life, to take precious time for rest and reflection.

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