Where Is Leroy?

This artist encapsulates exactly why I love indie music. The freshness, the individuality… The catchiness in general. Where Is Leroy? – is celebrating his newest release called “Pavements”. Previously, a featured artist on Mike Erlington’s “Don’t Give Me a Dime” – Showing off his lyrical talents there. I have literally had “Pavements” on repeat for about a solid hour and, am still trying to take in all of the Beastie Boy’s modulation flavor in the vocals. Boasting some hot, deep, bass drops makes this song a head bobber from the get go. Full interview with Where Is Leroy? is coming soon… I’m assuming when he takes a break from the bong. Check out “Pavements” for yourself below.

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Where Is Leroy? An unpinnable collection of electric boom bap hip hop to smooth dream-beat melodies, complimented by escapist lyrics and a steady tempo.

His music explores the relatable nuances of everyday life. delivered with a quick wit and, unapologetic honesty. An affair of well timed humor, bounce and, sordid releases.

Each song differs in stylistic delivery tied together through rhythmic beats, dark comedy and underlying meaning, creating a holistic expression of daily life.

Born in Queensland, Australis, Leroy Jackson is a, Melbourne based artist.

Follow Where Is Leroy? – https://linktr.ee/whereisleroy – Instagram: @whereisleroy

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